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A country without borders is chaos and lawless and is not a nation. 

Crooked Joe Biden and the Democrats have left our Southern Border wide open allowing many unknown criminal aliens and some very bad people on the terrorist watch list that do not love America to enter our country; they advocate for the defunding of Immigration and Customs Enforcement; refuse to enforce our immigration laws; tied the hands of the United States Border Patrol; supported the repeal of Title 42; empower the drug cartels; ignore human trafficking and forced child labor; and have allowed the free flow of Chinese-made, Mexican Cartel imported fentanyl to poison America’s youth and the vulnerable.

Phil believes it is time for Congress to prioritize America’s border over Ukraine’s. Phil supports a mass deportation of the millions of illegals Crooked Joe Biden allowed to illegally cross the borderfinishing the wall on our Southern Border; abolishing sanctuary cities at the federal level; immediately deporting illegal aliens jailed in federal and state prisons across America; and declaring war on the cartels engaged in human trafficking and the deadly poisoning of millions of Americans with fentanyl.


Joe Biden has political motives with his disastrous border- He wants an immediate amnesty plan so the democrats are guaranteed votes for future elections! Joe Bidens plan must be stopped, and the border must be SECURED now! 

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